11 Things You Should Do Before You Turn 30

11 Common Regrets of People in 30s

There is no better way to learn from the experiences of others. Here is the compilation of the things that people have admitted of regretting doing or not doing in their 30s. So no matter whether you are likely to embark on the journey of 30s or at the tail end, you can learn many prospects.

The Societal Pressure

You will hear and feel many should and should not in your 30s. Don’t let them hold you back. It is a crucial stage where society will say- you should get married, you should have kids, you should have your own home and blah blah. Well give it a break. Drop the expectation and live life the way you want to. If you cannot answer the questions of society, do not feel like a failure. Just remember, it is your life and you have to live it your way.

Not Bonding With Parents

People in 30s have a common regret that they did not spend enough time with their parents. It is the age while you are young and can actively participate and relish the simple joys such as taking a walk together, travelling and even have a conversation.

Giving Priority to Work

It is vital to keep in mind in your 30s- Give priority to the people you love instead of work otherwise you will regret it later. Spend time with the people close to your heart and keep those precious moments in your heart forever. These are the unbeatable joys of life as compared to money and success.

Spending Time on Negativity

Negative people will not disappear themselves from your life in your 30s. Negative people will still hang around, so do not waste time on them. It is time to re-evaluate your relationships with the people whom you do not feel good. Stop spending your time on unnecessary thoughts and issues. Jus let it go.

Thinking Your 30s Is Old

The most common phrase you hear in your 30s is- ‘I’m too old for this’. But actually you are not. People in 50s and 60s will better explain it. The world was yours in 20s and it still is. Take chances and enjoy life to the fullest until you are young. Never ever lose the kid in you.

Not Keeping Yourself as Priority

You may be putting everyone else on your priority list. But what about you? Putting yourself on top will eventually out everything in place. You should put your needs first, it will make you a happy person resulting in better relationships. Taking care of yourself in 30s will not place regrets. So put yourself on top priority focusing on your needs and dreams.

Not Taking Care of Your Body

You are never too old for something until you believe yourself. You can still keep eating the junk food and anti-exercise habits. These habits are tough to drop but you should treat your body rightly.

Not Taking Chances

Take chances. You might be overly cautious of the shoulds mentioned earlier. It may be holding you back. Don’t play safe, live your life.

Not Saving and Investing

Majority of the 30s keep it a huge regret that if they don’t save earlier, you won’t have bigger rewards at the time of retirement.

Not Travelling

Procrastinating the travel is one of the most common regrets. This beautiful world is at your fingertips, so get on a travel adventure. Travelling at an older age will make it more difficult.

Caring Too Much About Others

This is point of consideration at every age. Do not waste time on this useless habit in 30s. Stop investing time and energy into caring about what other will think or say. The people who care for you will accept you with your flaws.
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