10 rules for the first date

Single men and women are likely to be familiar with Dates. A recipe for a successful first meeting does not actually exist. But with a few tips will help you increase the chances of a successful meeting.

Some loved, feared by others: We are talking about dates! What attracts you to what has to be and who registers after the meeting first? These and many other questions can Singles prepare quite a headache. Clearly, the ultimate guide to the perfect first date does not exist. But with a few tips you can increase its chances of success with the opposite s#x quite.

1. The right place

No matter what you do on the first date: The activity should make both fun. A meeting in the cafe is a classic, but also a zoo, miniature golf or a walk in the park are nice alternatives. Art lovers can arrange at the museum, for example, adrenalin junkies go together climbing. Even with a cooking class or a boat tour you can get to know better. Swimming pool and cinema are as a location for the first date rather unsuitable. Also, you should not take in your favorite restaurant accompaniment. If for you both nothing is, you want to or not constantly running him or her in your hangout on the way.

2. Clothes

Whatever you do: choose for the first date clothes in which you feel comfortable, rather than venturing fashionable experiments. Who constantly tugs at rock or contributes to high heels and feels unwell, exudes uncertainty – and this is anything but s#xy. Women should not give too freely, men not too casual.

3. punctuality

Be on time! Tardiness is not only annoying for those who wait, it also demonstrates a lack of interest. Dear sufficient time for them ready and Driving schedule. Who is nevertheless too late because of a traffic jam or the like, should inform the other in time via SMS.

4. Cell away!

Admittedly, this phone is for most an indispensable part of everyday life. but when the first date is in your bag! Your Opposite deserves full attention. After all, nobody wants to have the feeling that the other is not listening, because he gazes absently into the phone. Who wants to tell his best friend still urgently how the date goes so should do so from toilet.

5. Good manners

Politeness is a virtue. Do not take a first date as a matter of course out but show that you are busy. Does for men: stop door, the woman to defer unsolicited refill water. On such small gestures the ladies sets great. Even women should neither a compliment nor be embarrassed to assume that the man takes over the bill at the first meeting. Provide a shared bill at least to – he can refuse it still.

6. Beware of too much alcohol

Look just not to much to drink. Against one or two glasses of wine at an Italian restaurant is nothing wrong. But beware that you drink no more nervousness than you get. Otherwise you run the risk of losing control and possibly divulge things that you regret in hindsight.

7. The right conversation topics

There are issues that should better not come up for discussion on the first date: At the top are ex-partner and s#xual preferences, discussions about politics or religious views are also misplaced. Even Smalltalk topics such as the weather will not constitute a good conversation starter. Tell prefer something exciting about your personal dreams or an anecdote from her youth.

8th genuine interest

Be interested. Someone who for hours his whole life story unwinds on the first date and the other not to have their say, will have bad cards. Ask questions, or dig deeper when your counterpart tells something and listen attentively, so you will not forget anything again on the second date. Also important: maintain eye contact!

9. The true authenticity

Stay authentic. Of course, everyone wants to show its best side, but be careful not to adjust too much. At the latest after a few more dates your true colors would come to light anyway. Who remains true to himself, automatically appears self-confident – and that comes with the opposite s#x always good.

10. Have yourself time

After the first date to proceed? rush now merely nothing. Usually nobody wants half an hour after you leave, are already inundated with messages and faced with the question of when to re-sees. Give the other person time to be on the situation clear. It must not exactly prevail three days of silence, as it tells a familiar rule. But the man should quiet the precedence are allowed to login. After all, he loves to hunt it and women want to turn liked to be conquered.